Creating a new world of flavour
Proudly made from only the freshest Aussie ingredients

Viamirah Food Processing (VFP) is a privately owned Australian family business with a passion for creating delicious and innovative products.

Our purpose is to provide local and export markets with superior alternatives in food and beverage production, which can proudly boast MADE IN AUSTRALIA from the purest Australian ingredients.

VFP offers a complete service, partnering with clients from concept phase to distribution. Our overall flexible approach makes VFP a welcome addition to the manufacturing scene.

Viamirah Food Processing - Creating A New World Of Flavour

Contract Manufacturing

VFP can partner with your brand to provide a complete and confidential manufacturing service of wet food & beverage products in flexible spouted packaging. With our leading food scientist in this category and onsite test kitchen, we can formulate original recipes or produce/adapt existing ones to offer our clients a full customisation of varieties from single combinations, pulses, superfoods, protein/meat/fish, as well as deserts, custards and breakfast blends.

Our services also include packaging, distribution, graphic design and marketing to ensure a ‘one stop shop’ solution for your plans to supply quality baby food.


VFP offers stand up resealable Spouted Retort Pouches and Doy Pack solutions. We have chosen these packaging options over the traditional glass jars and rigid plastic packaging to best maintain the integrity of ingredients, to support multiple formulation options and for added convenience.

Through the use of pouches and our advanced processing, VFP can better preserve the flavours and nutrients of the ingredients.

The shorter and lower heating times ensures the products can be naturally preserved without the need for additivesand preservatives, leading to a more natural product for baby.

Organic, Natural & Conventional

Our ingredients are sourced according to the needs and requirements of our clients, from Australian farms all around our naturally rich and abundant country.

Many of our suppliers operate family businesses that have been farming for generations.

“Whether it is Organic, Natural or Conventional produce, VFP has the means and know-how to create Australia’s most nutritious and delicious baby food.”

Certification and Procedures

Our certifications and quality control ensures that our products are of the upmost quality and absolute safety.

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